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Screaming Red

Henna Paste for Hair

Fresh, Prepared& Ready-to-Use
No Mixing | No Powders | No Mess

Because even if you aren't
"too busy," you still have
better things to do

Want bold color and clean conditioning, for your hair, without the mess, mixing and waiting?

Let us do all that stuff for you:
we've done it so many times before!
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Screaming Red by STAIN ORGANIC: add a dose of deep, bold, dark red tones ranging from deep crimson to bold mahogany to your existing color, without doing anything except squeezing out just the right amount of ready-made natural henna paste specific to your hair length then applying it directly to your hair? Easy.

Your Hair is Art

Express Yourself

STAIN ORGANIC Labs has been on a research and development quest to formulate a 100% natural, 100% epic hair color for years. An all-in-one product that saves you the work and time of having to figure it out yourself, and it is finally here:
  • Made with 100% natural organic henna powder
  • Researched, developed, and formulated by a bioengineer with a passion for natural living
  • Made using only 100% pure, steam-distilled, essential oils that are IFRA Certified at the level of the manufacturer and the retailer--that's us!
  • Contains no synthetic chemicals or dyes whatsoever
  • PPD? In your dreams! You're crazy!
NOTE: Herbal colors do not lighten hair, rather they add natural
tones and color to your existing hair color.


Ear Length.jpg

75 grams
of Paste Required


100 grams
of Paste Required


125 grams
of Paste Required


150-175 grams
of Paste Required


200 grams
of Paste Required

  1. Screamin' Red Henna Hair Paste Pouch should be stored in the FREEZER (not the refrigerator) and kept frozen to retain peak freshness

  2. If placed in a heavy-duty ziploc bag, it can remain in the freezed for upwards of six months or more with little to no color loss

  3. It can be thawed for use, then refrozen many times without color loss, so long as the paste is placed in the freezer immediately after use

How to Use this Product:


Remove your Screamin' Red Hair Paste Pouch from the freezer and place in a bowl filled with COLD water, ensuring not to submerge nozzle.


Find your hair length in the above Hair Length Chart and Identify the corresponding amount of henna paste required.


When the pouch has thawed (it will be soft to the touch) open the nozzle and squeeze out the correct amount of paste specific to your length of hair, into a glass bowl.


Separate approximately one third of the paste you've removed and place into a second glass bowl, then add 1-2 tablespoons lukewarm water and mix well.


Section off hair into smaller pieces and use hair clips to hold seperate sections in place.


Use the vinyl gloves included with this product and apply the thinner paste you've prepared to the roots of your hair, section by section, ensuring that roots are entirely covered.


Use the thicker paste to coat the remaining hair from root to tip, section my section, repinning it to the head once done. Ensure to coat entire length of hair from root to tip.


Cover with plastic bag and tie tightly, ensuring no drips, and that heat and moisture are retained inside the bag. 


Leave paste on hair, wrapped tightly with plastic bag for 60 - 90 minutes. For best results it can be kept on overnight while you sleep.


Remove paste by rinsing with water only. Allow 48 hours for color to oxidize and to reach its mature, final state. Shampoo can be used at this point.

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