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Raw inK

Jagua Gel


The Precision Collection

Jagua Couture

Precision means Jagua Body Art Without the Mess
Engineered for a Luxurious Experience

Raw iNK
Jagua Gel
Something Totally Different

Raw inK, is not just another jagua body art gel. Raw inK is a professionally formulated, organic, jagua gel for body art, designed to solve the problems that jagua artists face with ordinary, every-day, varieties of jagua body art gel. STAIN ORGANIC's Raw inK Jagua Gel has been researched and developed by a bioprocess engineer and it is 100% natural, 100% plant-based and vegan, ethically sourced, cruelty-free, and totally epic. 

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Air-tight container means your jagua gel stays fresh a whole lot longer, even outside the fridge

Slim bottle
with cap for
easy carrying:
 no leaks,
no spills, 
no mess.

Sturdy base: 
no fumbling, 
no tipping,
no dribbling,
just smooth
easy precision dispensing

pump with
small opening dispenses
jagua gel into
even the smallest of cones or containers with precicion

Ask yourself one question:

Do you REALLY want the most EPIC freeking all-natural temporary body art
stain ever... or not?


100% Natural
100% Vegan
100% Epic

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How To Use
Raw Ink Jagua Gel
The Precision Kit


Luer Lock Set with Tips& Extra Soft Squeeze Bottle
*Included with Precision Kit but not with single 1oz. Jagua Gel products

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  1. Add some of the contents of your Raw iNK Jagua-Based Botanical Infusion bottle into either a traditional henna cone or an applicator bottle with a set of luer lock tips


  2. Replace the cap on the bottle and store remaining Jagua Gel in the freezer


  3. Apply the Jagua Gel to skin in desired pattern


  4. Allow to applied jagua gel time to dry, being careful not to smudge your design while it is wet


  5. Peel dry gel off your skin like a sticker.



  6. DON'T PANIC! 
    When you remove your dried jagua gel, for several hours, no stain is expected to be visible.

For best results, store in freezer. Raw inK can be kept fresh for upwards of one year in the freezer.

Precision Set Bottles are Freezer-Safe!

During Drying: Sit in a comfortable place away from activity and traffic. Raw iNK has been formulated to naturally dry about 20 - 40 minutes after application, allowing you to peel the applied gel away in order to preserve the most amount of pigment and the boldest and darkest jagua body art stain. 

Raw inK has been formulated to be a product that offers a high degree of ease in workability. It is designed to resemble stringy Rajsthani henna paste as closely as possible allowing you to drop long and strong lines or to create intricate designs without breakage, bleeding, or losing it's shape.

You may notice that Raw iNK has a different texture than many other jagua gels. It is thicker and some say, "more gelatinous." Do not be concerned as this is exactly how it is designed in order to allow it to flow out smooth as glass when you are creating your design

Empty Cone.png
Empty Cone.png

Standard Cellophane
Henna Cones*

*Sold Seperately

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Wall Clock
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Jagua Hand.png

The Precision Kit Airless Bottles require only a gently compression in order to release a highly controlled stream of jagua gel directly into your cone or bottle. Small openings are no problem: just hold the bottle right at the tip of the dispenser for a no-mess transfer.

20 - 45 Minutes

Apply Jagua.png
Iron Tap

No matter what other jagua suppliers or users advise, what you've heard, or what you've seen other artists do, do not use water to wash off your jagua body art design. 
Raw iNK has been professionally formulated, using natural ingredients to be peeled off your skin like a sticker.

Washing a jagua stain with water immediately strips layers of the jagua fruit's natural plant pigment from your skin. The science behind how jauga works is the evidence.

Therefore, it is never a good practice to let your jagua body art contact water at any point if you wish to to achieve robust, dark, bold jagua body art stains results.

This is normal and part of the incredible and awe-inspiring experience of jagua body art tattoos.
Your design should begin to develop approximately 4-6 hours after removal of the dried gel, then, continue to darken and deepen in color for up to 55 hours, so long as proper aftercare measures are taken.



Check out how to wrap your design for epic results below

How NOT  to Use Raw Ink

Raw iNK  has been professionally formulated to naturally dry about 20 to 45 minutes after application depending upon how thick the the gel was applied. When dry, it solidifies, taking on a gummy, but solid consistency. It can then be removed by easily lifting it from the skin, when you are ready.

NOTE: the longer you leave it on the better, bolder, deeper and more long-lasting the final stain.

Jagua gel tattoos should never be washed off with water as this immediately strips layers of the the natural fruit pigment from your skin resulting in a shorter lifespan for the tattoo, a lighter color and possible loss of some fine details in your body art work.

Because Raw iNK  has been specially formulated to provide solutions to the problems encountered by jagua artists, there are some tips and best practices that must be followed for best results:

  1. DO NOT Remove Jagua Gel with water. Gently lift it  from the skin when it solidifies. I know we've said this twice already but it this point is of the utmost importance as so many of us are in the habit of removing jagua gel by washing with water.

  2. ALWAYS ensure to replace the cap on your precision jagua gel bottles. Forgetting to do so can result it jagua gel drying at the tip and clogging your cones or tips!

  3. For Best Results: for long-term storage, keep  jagua gel in the freezer, for short-term storage, Raw inK can be stored in the refrigerator. 

  4. When jagua gel has been applied to skin, find a quiet place to sit away from anything that may cause you to bump or smudge the wet gel.

  5. For Best Stain Reults: Keep the jagua gel on your skin as long as possible. Even if dried, it is still staining your skin. The longer you allow it to remain on the skin the better the final expected color results.


  6. For Best Results: Use STAIN ORGANIC's Afterwrap--YES! You can use it with jagua too just make sure your jagua gel has dried before you wrap it up! It is safe to wrap your design when the jagua gel is no longer sticky to the touch.

    NOTE: Ensure to use it according to the instructions!!!

    (See video tutorial below)

No Washing2.jpg
No SMudging.jpg

Wrapping Tutorial

Stain Reveal Using AfterWrap

Wanna Know More?


  1. Raw iNK can remain unrefrigerated for months with little to no loss of color but freezing is recommended for best results

  2. It can be used in hot weather without demise, without worry

  3. Raw iNK is registered with Health Canada as a cosmetic product and has a unique CIN (Cosmetic Identification Number) issued by the Government of Canada

  4. Raw iNK has been professionally developed by a bioengineer with a passion for body art and all-natural living


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