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Essential Oils for
Mixing Henna Paste

One of the key areas of research and development at STAIN ORGANIC Labs is in the area of essential oil blends.


If you've tried mixing henna paste before, you will know. that adding essential oils, or "terping," as many call it, brings out the darker tones in a henna body art stain. Without essential oils, henna stains remain a light orange color and not very visible on the skin. However, with the correct essential oil blend, one can achieve body art stains across a range of color from red, to crimson, to mahogany, black berry, and even a natural black.



Essence Green 2 Jpeg.jpg

Essence: An Essential Oil Blend by STAIN ORGANIC


Essence, our proprietary blend of 100% pure, steam distilled, IFRA Certified essential oils, is one of the research and development achievements we are most proud of. Essence is the second half of the secret to achieving an epic henna body art stain. 

Essence has been formulated specifically for mixing henna paste to offer the ideal natural plant-chemical profile to bring out the very best in high-quality henna powder.


Pure Premium Quality European Lavender Oil

Coming Soon!

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