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Best Practices for Using STAIN ORGANIC Products
STAIN ORGANIC Body Art Products are something totally different! They were researched and developed by a biochemical engineer, who left working in industry to follow her passion of owning an all-natural body art and botanicals company. The focus of the dream was to develop body art products, made from 100% natural ingredients, that could produce results, not only as good as, but far better than the similar products being sold that are made from synthetic chemicals.
There is a tremendous amount of sceince and process design behind the development of each product and here is where to find out how you can use each individual product to achieve the best results possible! 
Don't forget:
1) It's not hard;
2) You can do it;
3) Have fun!

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How to Defrost
your Henna Cones

How to Defrost
your Henna Pouch

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Did you Know:

  • while STAIN ORGANIC's henna cones can last for up to 10 days or more in the refridgerator, the time that they are mixed, to assure long-term freshness that cones should always be kept in the freezer?

  • after many years of research, we have hand-picked a premium grade of henna powder from Sojat, Rajasthan, the henna capital of the world, that has been cultivated by four generations of the same family to have a very robust natural plant composition ensuring an extended life if frozen?

  • that there is a method for defrosting your henna cones and pouches in order to prevent water from entering, contacting your paste, and ruining your product? 

  • STAIN ORAGNIC is on of the only companies to provide henna cones and henna paste that is 100% natural and that can be kept fresh in the freezer for upwards of six months with little to no color loss?

  • that Henna Pouches and Henna Cones that have only been partially used can be refrozen and reused many times, again and again


Short-Term Storage
(between 1 day and one week)

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Our Henna Paste has been professionally formulated
with you in mind.

We wanted to make using it as
easy and as rewarding an
experience as possible.


Through years of research and development, we've formulated a henna paste, that, while using 100% natural ingredients still allows for an ultra-long storage life in your freezer. A long life means: little to no color loss or deterioration of the quality and texture of your henna paste, saving  you time, money and frustration. Just pop it out of the freezer, use what you need and freeze it again... until next time! 

We value your time
and we value your art.


Long-Term Storage
(1 week to 6 months or more)

The Henna Mixing Recipe Process
Mixing the perfect batch of henna is not about following a recipe, where the exact same ingredients are integrated in the exact same quantities every time: it is understanding how to optimize a process to account for the many external variables that affect the quality of your batch, so that a consistent high-quality outcome is achieved every time.

100 grams

Rajasthani Henna

3 tsp.

Raw Organic
Cane Sugar

25 grams

Organic Black
Looseleaf Tea





Kitchen Scale

Lemon Juice

As Needed


STAIN ORGANIC's Essential Oil Blend

Essence Green 2 Jpeg.jpg
Mixing Henna for Beginners Kit

More Coming Soon

Henna for Body Art Tutorials



Product Quality & Preparation

Wrapping Your Design
Henna for Body Art Tutorials


Product Quality
& Preparation


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