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All-Natural Henna Cones
Made with our Premium USDA Organic Rajasthani Henna Powder: 
100% natural and a STAIN ORGANIC flagship product 

What's in a Cone?

At STAIN ORGANIC we are obsessed with three things, being the very best in quality, safety, and workability of our products. As a result we go above and beyond to ensure that what we are creating for our fellow artists is the very best that it can be. All henna cones sold by stain organic:

  • Have been professionally researched and developed by a bioengineer who is also a passionate henna artist and possesses a strong belief in all-natural living

  • Are made using our Premium Body Art Quality Rajasthani Henna Powder

  • Undergo rigorous Quality Assurance Testing at STAIN ORGANIC Botanical Labs before leaving our facility

  • Only contain essential oils that 100% pure, plant-based, and natural, that are extracted by steam distillation and that contain no solvents

  • Only contain essential oils that have been certified as IFRA compliant by the manufacturer

The Collection
Luxe Logo.jpg

Luxe Henna Cones

The Ultimate Luxury Henna Paste.

Why? Because Luxe has been professionally researched and developed by a bioengineer--with a passion for body art and all-natural living--using only 100% natural ingredients, to be the perfect paste for artisans from beginners to pros. 

Luxe was developed to offer the highest degree of quality, and to be a best-in-class among all-natural henna pastes. With a smooth-as-silk texture and a consistency that is the ideal combination of creamy and stringy, this paste offers the highest degree of workability for the true artisan. Whether you are dropping fine lines or working intricate designed Luxe is designed to go where you want it to go, and to flow how you want it to flow. 


Our most popular Luxe Henna Paste, formulated for and dedicated to those ultra-talented artisans who create the jaw-dropping works of bridal henna art constructed from arrays and grids of ultra-fine lines that boggle the mind.

Luxe Thin cones are custom-made: select the size of the tip opening, with choices ranging from: 0.5 mm all the way down to a tiny 0.2 mm opening.

NOTE: Since cones are made-to-order please order a minimum of 10 business days (two weeks in advanced of when you intend to use them to ensure on-time delivery
For Intricate Bridal Designs

Lavender BLEU
Lavender Lovers: This One's for You!

In response to the overwhelming number of requests we've gotten from the STAIN ORGANIC Community, we've developed a henna paste using our Premium Body-Art-Quality Rajasthani Henna Powder and an alltogether unique hand-picked european lavender oil that we felt was best-in-class.
Lavender Png.png
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