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STAIN ORGANIC's 'Cone yer Own' Fresh Ready-Made Henna Paste 

RELAX... and let us do all the work. We will mix you the perfect, silky-smooth batch of henna paste, with the ideal just-between-creamy-and-stringy consistency, and that dries with a picture-perfect social media worthy shine.


Let us do all the hard work and mix you the perfect batch of one of STAIN ORGANIC's many luxury henna pastes... we've done it so many times before.


All You Have to do is Squeeze: just open the nozzle of our specially designed, air-tight, UV-proof pouch, and fill your empty cone with a smooth and even flowing paste, adding a just-enough-amount perfect for your custom cone. 

No Mixing | No Messy Powder | No Waiting for Dye Release
| No Worrying About if it will Turn Out |

Just squeeze out as much paste as you need, then, just pop the pouch back into the freezer for the next time
you have a henna craving.

Instructions for Use

What you Will Need:

LUXE package.png
Empty Cone.png
Empty Cone.png
Empty Cone.png

STAIN ORGANIC's Cone Yer Own Henna Pouch

Glass Bowl

Clear Tape

Empty Cellophane Cones

Remove pouch from freezer and stand pouch up in a bowl of COLD water for approximately 15 minutes, ensuring not to submerge nozzle of pouch.

Luxe in Bowl.jpg

To defrost and use your STAIN ORGANIC
Cone Yer Own Henna Pouch:



After 20 minutes, remove pouch from cold water and squeeze it at base to test whether it has adequately thawed. When thawed, the contents of the pouch will feel soft to the touch. If the contents of the pouch still feel mostly tough and solid, place back in water, then, check again in another 15 to 20 minutes





Once thawed, remove the cap from the nozzle of the pouch and squeeze modest amounts of paste into your pre-rolled henna cones.

NOTE: Replace cap on your pouch and return any leftover henna leftover into the freezer (not the fridge) as soon as possible in order to keep it fresh

Leaving the pouch unfrozen for extended amounts of time will result in loss of dyeing capacity of the paste.

Seal the cones and use!

To Seal the Cones:

  1. push the henna paste to the bottom of the cone by running your thumbs along the outside of the cone

  2. trim off excess plastic at top, leaving about 1.5 inches above the level of the paste

  3. fold the top corners inwards at the top, tapering it to prevent paste escaping 

  4. then, fold the top 1-2 centimeters down and tape it in place

  5. check for a comfortable grasp and enjoy your henna!

Congratulations! you just
Coned yer Own



If you plan to use your cones right away:

remove the tip using a sharp set of nail clippers dedicated only for use with henna cones.


Investing in a more expensive set of clippers allows you to be sure you are getting a set that has blades that descend evenly onto the tip of the cone and that are sharp enough to make a cut.






Dull blades​, or blades that are unevenly balanced can actually result in the fusing of the end of the cone together in an uneven fashion and causing henna to curl out of the tip of the cone.

To get the BEST. STAIN. RESULTS. EVER. it is essential to properly wrap your henna design once the paste has dried, because: dry henna paste does not stain skin (or hair) no matter how long it is left on!


Check out our epic aftercare products and our wrapping tutorial. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel in order to receive regular videos updates, tutorials, answers to FAQ and tips, covering all aspects of how to get the best results ever with natural henna!

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