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If there was only one product that we'd recommend above any and all others to take your body art stain to the next level it is STAIN ORGANIC's AfterWrap.

Did you know that once henna paste has completely dried it can no longer staining the skin... no matter how long you leave it on?

For this reason STAON ORGANIC's Afterwrap is the most innovative and useful product that we have tested to enhance both natural henna and jagua body art stains when applied correctly.

Its pore-sized holes absorb sweat and distribute it evenly across your body art design keeping it moist and well-adhered to the skin without smudging for as long as you leave it on!  

It is washable and reusable! 

25 meters ( 78 ft)
1 | $7
2 | $12
3 | $15

Tutorial: How to Use AfterWrap

Grip | The Invisibalm

Now that you Got EPIC STAIN 
Make Sure that you Keep it!

Grip is something 
totally different!
A vegan aftercare balm, ideal for both henna and jagua body art aftercare.

Grip is called the Invisibalm because even though you may not feel it,
 it's there, protecting your body art stain from:
water, substances that damage your body art stain, and ordinary wear and tear.  

Grip works by putting an all-natural barrier between your body art stain and the rest of the world. Formulated to be non-sticky and non-greasy, its all-natural botanical ingredients increase the lifespan of your henna or jagua tattoo when applied to your stain!

GRIP | 1.5 oz.
1 | $7
2 | $12
3 | $15

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